Identification verification solutions. Utilize Australia Post Digital iDв„ў to assist increase your conversions and confirm your prospects to the known amount of assurance you may need

Identification verification solutions. Utilize Australia Post Digital iDв„ў to assist increase your conversions and confirm your prospects to the known amount of assurance you may need

Identification verification solutions. Utilize Australia Post Digital iDв„ў to assist increase your conversions and confirm your prospects to the known amount of assurance you may need

Verify more customers in real-time with Digital

Utilize Digital iDв„ў to validate your web visitors by checking their identification papers returning to issuer that is australian.

Digital iDв„ў causes it to be quicker to onboard your visitors, reduce dropout prices while the price of verification.

Digital iDв„ў Identity verification choices

Verify client’s title and date of delivery by checking one or numerous identification papers.

Verify consumer’s title, date of delivery, and face by checking identification papers and Biometric recognition that is facial.

Digital iDв„ў offers you the flexibleness to determine consumer’s in-person across Australia Post’s substantial network that is physical.

Digital iDв„ў Utilize Instances

How Digital iDв„ў will allow you to

Enhance transformation

Make it easy for the clients to show who they really are by having a seamless consumer experience, together with choice to validate utilizing the Digital iD'” software.

Effortless integration

Begin using Digital iDв„ў within a couple of days, and reap the benefits of updates without the system that is significant.

On the web document verification

Confirm your prospects’ identity papers back once again to Australian issuer records, so that you could be confident you understand whom you’re coping with.

Multichannel experience

Connect via APls, SDKs, internet experience, and Australia Post’s substantial network that is retail clients struggling to confirm.

Improved security

Assist to avoid information breaches utilizing Digital iD™’s advanced encryption technology to control sensitive and painful private information.

A reputation that is trusted

Leverage Australia Post’s brand name trusted for performing identification solutions.

Exactly Just Just Exactly How Digital iDв„ў works

Digital iDв„ў offers two various integration choices dependent on your needs.

Our Web Widget enables clients to perform the verification procedure within an internet experience running on Digital iDв„ў and easily incorporated into your client onboarding procedure, while our Connect API allows clients to accomplish the verification procedure through the Digital iDв„ў software to their iOS or Android os smart phone.

Online widget movement

1. Your consumer begins the method by introducing the Digital iDв„ў web experience from your own site.

2. Digital iD Web Widget launches, and takes your client through the verification experience (in browser).

3. As soon as your consumer is confirmed, you shall get an authorisation grant rule.

4. You redeem the grant rule to get confirmed information on the consumer.

Connect API movement

1. You begin the ID Verification process by calling our Connect API because of the customer’s mobile quantity.

2. Your client gets a notification/SMS from Digital iDв„ў of pending ID Verification demand away from you.

3. Your client completes the ID Verification process in Digital iDв„ў software.

4. When consumer is confirmed, you get a webhook notification.

5. Afterward you claim the verified details associated with client.

Seamless put up and integration

Integrating with Digital iDв„ў is easy and quick. With detailed paperwork and regional assistance and help, you can begin firmly confirming your web visitors within times.

Digital iDв„ў is API driven, we make without having to take on significant system upgrades so you will benefit from any updates.

Movie: The video clip starts in the Australia Post logo design.

Movie: Australia Post Digital iD and Airtasker are quite aligned because we are both attempting to attain the same task which can be to produce trust through identification, and make use of that trust, i suppose, to facilitate business which could never be in a position to take place if that trust was not here. The synergies between Airtasker and Australia Post is basically trust. The like Airtasker, they will have built a market who has two edges to it, and both edges require trust in order to have interaction with one another. As well as in a real environment, that’s rather easy – you and i possibly could speak with one another, build rapport and as time passes develop trust. In a electronic environment, it’s really quite hard, so that they required an approach to re re re solve for that issue. I believe the Digital iD Badge provides Airtasker essentially a improved amount of trust inside our platform, within our Taskers. Therefore we’ve discovered it fairly simple, really, to incorporate our systems between Airtasker and Digital iD, and that is primarily because Digital iD follows industry recommendations making use of OpenAuth to ascertain a trusted website website link between two systems. To incorporate with Digital iD was a process that is really seamless. We’d a couple of of workshops aided by the iD group. The technology ended up being really demonstrably put up and documented through the get-go. I do believe our designers right right right right here discovered it truly simple to make use of, and I also think it has been certainly one of our easier jobs, certainly one of our easier integration tasks. The issue that Airtasker ended up being hoping to re re re re solve is an issue that individuals’ve been re re re re re solving for 200 years, and now we’ve simply aided them evolve in to the space that is digital.

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